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Hello,  My name is Sharon Shaul,  I am a felting and fibre artist, living in Darwen Lancashire. 

Having been raised within a family involved in various stages of the textile industry, one of my earliest memories includes visiting a wool mill in Yorkshire, to select fabrics with my father. I remember visiting an elderly lady ( well she seemed elderly at the time to my 4 year old self) who had a spinning wheel and loom in her home. Here I was also originally introduce to feltmaking.

These memories faded with the long and winding road of life, only to be revisited in 2005 when I was looking for a new focus, after spending years working in education. Looms and spinning wheels were purchased along with a range of books to teach myself to felt, weave and spin, along with other supporting materials.

These became my new hobbies: making textile art, weaving, spinning and feltmaking. I set up my studio in 2006 and have continued since then working on a range of projects according to my mood and inspiration at the time.


Now I mainly produce my felt landscapes for myself, but I do exhibit at selected events and galleries throughout the north-west. I am a member of the Internalional Felt Makers Association, also the "Art and Crafts Guild in Lancashire".



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